At Nuamedia, we are engineers at heart - we're also completely practical, straight-talking beings. We've combined our knowledge, love of technology and people to create Camlin Connect. A fully featured platform that allows you to create rich omnichannel experiences in a matter of hours.

Virtual Assistant Tools

With Camlin Connect you can create a Virtual Assistant that knows how to answer calls, send and receive emails and messages, be your website or mobile application, pretty much anything!

Visually Build

Enjoy being able to create a journey of your customers experience and then apply that to any channel.

Low Code

A Camlin App can be built without writing a line of code, everything (even business logic) is created visually.


An application has the ability to write its own documentation and keep it up to date automatically.

Generative AI

Integrated with various generative AI models and technology to help you create Omnichannel applications.

AI Transcribe (Beta)

With AI Transcribe you can create a Virtual Assistant from voice call recordings or previous chatbot conversation logs.

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Using Camlin Connect as a way to rapidly deploy an application or virtual assistant across channels, not only decreases complexity it also increases overall cyber-security posture by reducing software technology and customer interaction points.





Generative AI

We use a combination of our own products and Generative AI to give you the tools to create engaging Omnichannel Assistants.

We started AI before Generative AI was around. We are early adopters of Generative AI technology into our products.

An example of where we effectively use this technology is in the rapid development of applications and assistants. We can effectively generate one channel of communication from another. If you wanted to create a mobile application, a website, SMS service or even voice assistant that answers calls. You can start with just the text chatbot channel and with a combination of our own technology and various generative AI models and service. We can automatically generate around 80% of the work to turn your chatbot into a Multichannel service and eventually an Omnichannel service.

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