An AI based call centre used to modernise self-service voice interactions, driving improved customer engagement and increased automation capabilities.

Cost Savings

Usage based charges with no lock-in contracts, or longer term options available. Integrates with all cloud voice providers or the option of a phone number in-the-cloud.


Camlin Apps can easily run as fully capable and cognitive voice applications across many platforms like IVR, Smart Devices, Web, Biometrics, Mobile and WebRTC.

A.I. Speech

Integrated with all popular speech technology providers like AWS, Nuance, Google, DeepSpeech, IBM, Apple and all home/smart devices that use speech technology.


A Camlin Voice app can automatically bring any other channel into the voice conversation (visual, SMS, ChatBot) to very effectively supplement the speech experience.


Camlin Speech Apps work so well because they are able to easily automate business rules/processes and API interactions that are driven by speech and across many channels.

Replace IVR

If you have an existing IVR system that you would like to modernise and cloud enable, then Camlin Apps are an easy way to migrate and shut-down old IVR applications.

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Free Voice Modernisation Workshop

We are always keen to understand what voice systems you are using and what modernisation strategy is. We offer a free 45 minute workshop to better understand your voice environment to help us build a better platform.
In return, we provide you recommendations on how to reduce the complexity of your voice applications and environment and options to reduce costs and increase your voice capability.