Building better communications

Our team is filled with dedicated and passionate people
who work as a team and deliver results.

Our Australian Team

We started with a small team in 2011 with a goal to create products and services that inspired and changed ICT for the better. We have organically grown through the years and we have delivered many products and services along the way. Our products are helping to change communications for the better for millions of people across Australia.

Our team is made up of creative architects, passionate support people, brilliant software engineers, artistic designers, quality focussed testers and agile project leaders - to name a few.

more_vert Keith Farrelly

CTO & Co-Founder

Keith Farrellyclose CTO & Co-founder

Keith has created products and services in various industries. He wants to use technology and software to change how we communicate.

more_vert Stephen Biesty

COO & Co-Founder

Stephen Biestyclose COO & Co-founder

Steve has a wealth of experience with delivering large scale products and services in media, telco and IT. His passion and drive brings results.

more_vert Patrick McMullen

Service Ops Manager

Patrick McMullenclose Service Operations Manager

Patrick knows how to build platforms and integrate systems, especially contact center technology. He delivers exceptional platforms.

more_vert Alan Clarke

Technical Lead

Alan Clarkeclose Technical Lead

Alan brings a wealth of experience with voice and contact centre technology and projects. His passion is to deliver and delight the customer. His positive attitude helps him to keep winning.

more_vert Efi Skinner

Voice Interface Guru

Efi Skinnerclose Voice Interface Guru

Efi brings vast experience of technology and science, plus an analytical mind helps her to understand complex requirements to come up with designs that she can also develop to completion.

more_vert Juned Ahsan

Senior Software Engineer

Juned Ahsanclose Senior Software Engineer

Juned has worked for larger technology companies (like we all have) and is really enjoying the freedom to create software with love. He also understands working to deadlines.

more_vert Adrian Mascia

Project Manager

Adrian Masciaclose Project Manager

Adrian knows projects - and how to lead them. He knows how to dot the i's and cross the t's but he is also a creative thinker and like another engineer on projects.

more_vert Julie Cooper

Finance Manager

Julie Cooperclose Finance Manager

Julie is a welcome addition to the Nuamedia team, handling all things finance, and advising with marketing and media.

more_vert Gustavo Valle

Senior Software Engineer

Gustavo Valleclose Senior Software Engineer

Gustavo strives for success through learning about technology and about himself - he values opportunities to lead projects and teams and knows how to deliver large scale solutions.

more_vert Peter Barber

Senior Software Engineer

Peter Barberclose Senior Software Engineer

Peter knows how to develop and design software. He is all about learning and sharing his knowledge, he can't get enough of working in Nuamedia!

more_vert Louise Dawes

Program Manager

Louise Dawesclose Program Manager

Louise brings a steady hand to program and project management and knows how to steer the ship in the right direction.

more_vert Dongbai Xue

DevOps Engineer

Dongbai Xueclose DevOps Engineer

Dongai brings experience, attention to detail and dedication to everything he does.

more_vert Trang Nguyen

Graduate Software Engineer

Trang Nguyenclose Graduate Software Engineer

Trang is our first graduate engineer and a very welcome addition to our dedicated and passionate team.

more_vert Kumar Siddhartha

Lead Automation Engineer

Kumar Siddharthaclose Lead Automation Engineer

Kumar brings automation to new levels in Nuamedia and was our very first Melbourne team member.


We have been working through partners in the UK for a while now and we decided that in 2019 we would finally expand to UK and then Ireland. We are now trading in the UK and are open for business! Andrew is leading up our team expansion in London and is available to answer any of your queries - just drop him an email or start a chat with us to find out more.

more_vert Andrew Chandler

Regional Manager

Andrew Chandlerclose Regional Manager

Andrew is currently expanding our European offices in London and building up the team to deliver on our projects in Ireland and the UK. Want to know more about our European expansion then drop Andrew an email directly from here.

Want to understand a bit more about how we can help improve your customers experience?

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