How we can provide our technology and know-how to help you achieve your goals

Cloud Migrations

We have taken many of our customers from large on-premise builds of IT and Telco hardware and software.  We have been leading the way with this in Australia with some clients that are very well established and respected.

We know how to enable your systems for cloud use, connect and build API’s, develop and design applications, deploy, test and run large projects and we can also support systems and platforms ongoing.


Its a buzzword, yes! But it’s also something that we do very well – our apps can run on any channel, automatically.  This is done with our mature platform Camlin Connect – which enables businesses to deliver apps that work across all channels and especially well using voice, visual, text and API.  We also know how to connect applications up to data, systems, people and customers, and can provide consultancy, design, development, test, architecture and management skills to compliment your people and projects.

Visual IVR

CamlinConnect is the engine behind the Optus Visual IVR Applications. It is helping Optus to reduce costs while also offering customers self-service SMS, IVR and Visual IVR experiences.

Multi-channel Payments

You can take advantage of our Braintree integration for Paypal and Credit Card payments. With visual and voice IVR integration you can remove the need to make your IVR PCI compliant. We have integrated the latest security frameworks like oAuth 2.0 so you can plug our platform into any security or single sign on system.

Unified Workflow

We all know that people are increasingly moving towards mobile and online digital channels and that customers are still communicating across Voice, IVR and SMS channels. With this knowledge we set ourselves a task to build an online studio where we put the tools in your hands to easily create a single application that runs across IVR, text (SMS, Bot) and digital channels (apps and browser) seamlessly.