How we can work with you to achieve your goals

Experience and Innovation

Nuamedia has the experience to provide a solution your customers will love. Our dependable, passionate and happy team have wide ranging industry experience in banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, utilities and government. We are enthusiastic about providing solutions with real value that is seen now and over time.

Our team has a lot of experience to bring to any project, we can either lead a project for you from conception to deployment and support and maintenance.  Or we can slot into an existing team and start working with you to deliver the best outcome and technology set possible.

We believe in being truthful with our clients and driving change in organisations towards positive outcomes for customers and employees so that everybody wins.

Help to define an deliver an omni-channel strategy
We are passionate that you will only ever need one application that will run across all your channels and platforms.  This is possible with a Camlin Connect application and the path to this is not as hard as it looks.  We have the experience and technology to work with you to help define and implement an omni-channel strategy.

Fixing your existing automated call problems
A lot of our customers are experiencing issues with their existing voice call services and IVR applications.  Many are old and undocumented and people are not sure what to do with them.  We provide consultancy and implementation services that can fix these problems and also provide ways to migrate these automated voice services into the cloud so that you wouldn’t even know they were not running in your data or call centre.

Real world experience with cloud migrations and design
Whether it is migrating a legacy IVR platform to the cloud, replacing an old SMS service with a Chatbot or designing a range of API’s and security layers to your data.  Nuamedia have done it all before and for the most respected brands and organisations.  We can design your new architecture, migrate and upgrade your apps and services and add technology like AI capable speech and NLU along with machine learning and sentiment analysis.

Our customers are testimony to our work

Built on our trust and value. We have helped companies in Australia improve millions of customer experiences for the last five years.

Nuamedia clients: Pizza Hut, Optus, Department of Transport WA, Commbank, Singtel

The people for your project

Every project has new and interesting challenges; we relish these and like to get stuck-in.

We believe in getting our quotes correct the first time.

We don’t like to have to resort to a lot of legal jargon or change requests, so we use advanced project coordination and estimating tools.


We have a special focus on the maintainability and supportability of software and platforms.

We believe in providing the true analytics of an applications performance and we build lots of data into everything we do.

So there is no doubt how an application is performing and you can never have too much analytical data!

Ongoing Support

We currently support critical systems that service millions of Australian customers and we provide a 24×7 or business hours technical support service that can work under the tightest SLAs and performance metrics.

We also use the best support technology to ensure things are tracked and fixed.

Want to understand a bit more about how we can help improve your customers experience?

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