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 Camlin Voice ID

The world’s first fully integrated voice biometrics platform
Multi-channel intelligent and easy to implement


Bring multi-channel voice biometric apps and services to life and standardise the experience across channels.

Easy enablement of voice biometrics on existing Android and iOS applications.

Integration with your existing systems using our SDK.

Supports of both active and passive enrolment and verification.


Make it easier for your customers to authenticate, saving time and frustration

Eliminate the need for passwords and PINs, reduce “forgot password” calls to your agents.

Call personalisation can be automated, avoiding the annoying delay while a customer’s details are retrieved.

Reduce the number of steps to verify the user. So less time your agents need to spend authenticating customers.

Ground-breaking voice biometrics functionality

The CamlinConnect platform brings multi-channel voice biometrics to the market with an easy to implement and fully featured voice biometrics platform that easily integrates with your technology.

Omni-Channel Voice Biometrics

The world's first fully integrated voice biometrics solution
Multi-channel intelligent and easy to implement

Introduction to Voice Biometrics with CamlinConnect

In 2012 we set ourselves a goal to make voice biometric implementations easy and fast to deploy while not reducing security or features.
We partnered with Auraya in 2012 and since then we have fully integrated their voice biometrics engine ArmorVox into CamlinConnect. With an industry leading engine we got closer to our goals.
After the integration was finished we realised we had created a truly multi-channel solution that can help to eliminate fraud, reduce time identifying people while also improving the experience.

The CamlinConnect voice biometrics technology is inherently multi-channel capable because it is fully integrated into the CamlinConnect multi-modal interfaces. One application will run on Voice IVR, Visual IVR, in-browser and within mobile applications.

Easy Integration

It’s how easy it is to integrate voice biometrics that sets CamlinConnect apart from any other solution. We offer cloud, hybrid-cloud or on-premises options but whatever way you like it is easy to install and maintain.

"The CamlinConnect platform was easy to integrate into our labs and provides industry-leading performance and features."

- Alex Tupman, CEO - Connect Managed Services, London.

How it works - the basics

CamlinConnect voice biometrics applications operate in two distinct modes: Active and Passive. An active application talks to a user via an Voice IVR, Visual IVR, or mobile application to instruct them to speak something like their account number or a phrase.
A passive (or background) application listens to phone calls, either from call recordings or while calls are live. To listen while calls are live, the CamlinConnect API plugs into your telephony equipment in an almost identical way to a call recorder - using SIP and listening to an audio stream (RTP etc.).

An active voice verification or enrolment is normally text-prompted (the user is prompted to speak something). These applications normally run on interactive channels like IVR and mobile apps.


Integrated with your contact centre in the same way a call recording platform would be. Listening to your calls while they are live, so that you can verify or enrol their voice.

Visually build applications online

Drag-n-drop interfaces that make it easy to create and manage applications.

Multi-Channel Interations

CamlinConnect can operate across many channels and has the intelligence to switch between channels while keeping the session and it also understands how to adapt the voice biometrics characteristics across channels.
Channel adaptation for voice biometrics is handled in CamlinConnect and the ArmorVox engine, together they are constantly learning the characteristics of channels, even down to the make and model of a phone being used.

Supported Channels

Voice IVR

Comes with pre-built IVR voice applications with voice verification and enrolment.

Visual IVR

Visually shows progress of a voice enrolment or verification in active mode.


Interactive SMS conversations can bring in the voice channel whenever required.


HTML 5 SDK and API is available to incorporate browser based active biometrics.

Mobile Apps

With our iOS and Android SDK (software developer kit) you can easily add biometrics to apps.


Listening to calls while they are live enables us to enrol or verify a callers voice.

How Voice Biometrics Connects

Here is an example of how CamlinConnect voice biometrics integrates with other technology components and applications.

SDK Brochure

To get an introduction of how to integrate mobile applications with CamlinConcect voice biometrics you can request our SDK overview brochure below.
Just give us a little bit of information about you first.

CamlinConnect Mobile SDK Brochure

CamlinConnect and ArmorVox are now tightly integrated to open up the power of voice biometrics across channels and simplify integrations.

- Dr Clive Summerfield, CEO - Auraya, Sydney.


These are the great people we work with on CamlinConnect. Auraya provide the voice biometrics engine, Connect Managed Services are our partners in London and The Frame Group are our partners in Australia.
Auraya Systems

The ArmorVox software from Auraya Systems provides the voice biometrics engine. We have fully integrated this technology into CamlinConnect. This makes voice biometrics much easier to implement and manage in the long term.

Connect Managed Services

Connect Managed Services are our partners in London. If you would like to talk to somebody about CamlinConnect in Europe or the UK then please get in touch with the connect team here.

The Frame Group

We are actively working with The Frame Group on a number of projects in Australia. If you are interested in how Nuamedia and Frame can work together to provide the complete ICT solution then please contact them here and ask them about our partnership.

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