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An AI based voice service used to modernise self-service voice interactions, driving improved customer engagement and increased automation capabilities.
Upgrade your IVR applications and customer experience via a true next-generation voice platform

The Camlin Voice service can provide a ‘number in the cloud’ to help automate voice self-service operations and as required, transfer calls back to an agent in an intelligent manner ensuring call context and valuable self-service information is maintained and provided to your agent for smoother customer interactions


Multi-modal Interface – Providing a more natural and engaging user experience and options via touch, text and speech — to view and input information as required.

Omni-channel Ready – Enabling a unified and synchronised customer experience across multiple channels, allowing businesses to quickly deliver applications across IVR, Visual-IVR, Visual-API, Speech, Mobile, Web and AI bots.

Automation As a Service – Answer all calls in an automated fashion and only transfer to your call/contact centre if human interactions are required.


Modern Speech Technology – Supports AI enabled speech recognition (speech to text) technology from Google, AWS, IBM and Nuance

Request CamlinVoice PDF

Request CamlinVoice PDF

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Cost savings by reducing the requirement to host and maintain an IVR platform and associated technology and teams.

No need to replace your existing CRM or any backend/middleware technology as your Camlin Voice applications can talk to any other system and gather/send information.

Your IVR customers can see their progress when calling by simultaneously using Visual IVR on their smartphone. This also allows more efficient input than voice alone.

Secure voice payments can also be taken in the cloud with the addition of the Camlin Commerce technology.