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Camlin Converse

Multi channel interactions for Visual, Voice and Text (SMS, chat)


Multi-modal – Allows more natural communication, your customer can click a link, speak or touch a screen to get the information they need.

Omni-channel – Gives a unified customer experience across multiple channels allowing businesses to quickly deliver applications across IVR, Visual-IVR, Visual-API, Speech, Mobile, Web and AI bots.

Deploy ‘Over the top’ to integrate with your existing IVR solution.

Visually identify customers (login via app or Visual IVR). Route them to the correct place first time.


Reduction in voice calls to expensive call centre agents. Customers were able to self-serve for their most common tasks. In a recent case, this resulted in 30,000 less calls per month to support staff.

No need to replace your existing customer support system, Multi IVR can reuse your existing investment and make them multi-channel

Your IVR customers can see their progress when calling by simultaneously using Visual IVR on their smartphone. This also allows more efficient input than voice alone.

Customers are encouraged to self serve instead of going straight through to an agent for routine tasks.