In 2011 we started Nuamedia with the goal to create a market leading communications platform as a service product, which we have achieved.

We designed the first Omnichannel platform that provides CX focused online tools where you can create apps that run on all platforms and channels.

We have taken off in our home country of Australia and we also have a small office in the UK where we have been working on prototypes.

Using some of the best web based drag-n-drop and code-free tools, our browser based studio saves a lot of effort and reduces project team requirements.

We can support you through project design, development, testing and maintenance by providing professional services and around-the-clock support.

Our consulting, design and development services are very skilled with helping companies to reduce costs, cloud migrate and implement omni-channel.




Keith Farrelly CTO and Co-Founder
Stephen Biesty COO and Co-Founder
Experienced Team of Around Fifteen People Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne

Europe and UK

Andrew Chandler UK & Ireland Manager
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NSW Government ICT Accreditations

Under the ICT Services scheme, we are accredited for the following:

A - Architecture and Design

A03. Solution Architecture

E - Strategy

E01. ICT Strategy

G - Other ICT Services

G03. Telephony including delivery "as a service"

I - ICT Programs

I02. Project, Program & Portfolio Management

J - Server Management

J01. Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance including delivery
J02. Operations Management including delivery "as a service"

M - Systems and Solutions

M02. Custom Application Development including delivery "as a service"
M04. Other software services including delivery "as a service"
M07. Software Support and Maintenance Services including delivery "as a service"
M09. Software Resellers and Software Asset Management Services

N - Software Licences

N02. Software Applications
N03. Communications and Security Software

O - Telecommunication Services

O01. Fixed Line Voice Services



Level 3, 22 Darley Road, Manly, NSW 2095, Australia.

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